Jun 19, 2018

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"You Really Eat Anything"

Title:  Ready to Ride  Author: Sebastien Pelon Publisher:  Quarto's word & pictures

Publish Day -- Today!


A funny, feel good book with a can-do attitude for anyone who's ever tried to ride a bike, about freedom, friendship, and the joy of cycling without stabilisers for the very first time.

 A little boy is told to play outside by his mum and bumps into an imaginary friend with whom he goes for a bike ride. At first he finds it difficult to keep up, but with the imaginary friend’s help he takes off the bike’s stabilisers and learns to freewheel – all the way home.

 Stunning illustrations and an imaginative design make this a really special picture book gift for little bike riders everywhere.

illustration is off their Amazon page:


A child goes through riding a bike experience and through it grows up. Super cute and easy to follow for the younger kids through the imagery. Would be a good conversation book/  read out loud with parents or caretakers. Dives into growing up and not needing the same things as you once did,etc.

Downloaded from Netgalley thanks to the publishers for an honest review

Definitely would recommend.

I just watched a DUST short film with a girl and her imaginary friend. This reminded me a lot of it.

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