Jun 7, 2018

#Spoonies: To Use Or Not To Use A Cane

Mentally check off if any of these questions apply to you:

Does it hurt to walk or put weight on the leg?

Have you tried everything to still have issues with walking?

Do you use furniture or walls to stay upright?

Did you recently injure your leg and everything just hurts?

Do you struggle up and down stairs or even struggle to step up on a sidewalk?

Congratulations! If you're able to check off any of these – you may need to use a cane.

I understand the concern of getting one because your doctor hasn't suggested it. If you've repeatedly told them that you struggle with walking due to pain or balance and they haven't advised it then what other things are they ignoring that you've told them?

When I started struggling with walking I thought it was a stupid idea to try to use a cane. My doctor didn't say I needed one, so why even think about it? At the time of this thought the whole my doctor doing a half-ass job didn't come into this thought process.

My journey toward using a cane started in my early twenties. Mobility issues IN MY HOUSE? You wouldn't believe it. Honestly, I didn't accept that I needed it no matter what symptoms blossomed in front of me

It didn't make sense for me, a young healthy woman to develop these issues. When trouble started to brew I had a common problem: shitty doctor after shitty doctor. Also, I still thought I was a healthy person with minor problems that would go away if I ignored it (Or over time).

It took almost falls, falls, and brain on fire causing falls for me to accept it. Whether my doctor told me I needed one or not.
Shitty doctors prevent better care that you deserve. Doubt that you're not sick enough to use assistance prevents better care that you deserve. Combined, you, me and others live a quarter of the quality of life we deserve or need.

If movement is blemished by balance issues, falls or pain a cane may help alleviate these issues.

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Disclaimer: Not a doctor. This is not meant to dictate what you and your doctor has agreed on for your condition. Always consult your doctor or other medical professions you talk with about your health concerns. 

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