Jun 11, 2018

#TheSecretLivesOfRoyals #NetGalley

Title: The Secret Lives of Royals
Author: Shalini Dua
Publish Day: June 12, 2018!

 Olivia can't take it anymore. She's had enough of the big city and it's lack of fulfilling her dreams. Then, just when she's about to give up and move home, out of the blue, she is offered her dream job. Olivia is suspicious but that could just be the New York in her. She decides not to pull at threads. Despite her best efforts to remain blissfully oblivious, the secret to her life upgrade is soon uncovered when she finds herself invited to be part of a secret society. Olivia learns that there is a thin curtain separating our world from theirs. Just beneath the surface, an entirely different one exists. One that is controlled by those of Royal lineage. The chosen ones, the Royals, hold the fate of the world in their hands. Will Olivia be able to bear the weight of the crown? The Devil Wears Prada meets The Adjustment Bureau, this contemporary fairytale is both relatable and aspirational. Taking a look at the current balance of media and power with a healthy dose of humor, fashion, food and wanderlust.


This book has some harsh reviews on Goodreads. It's an enjoyable read for what it is. There's always room for improvement with the story if she chooses to continue on with it. It says "volume 1" on Amazon so I'm assuming there is going to be more.

From the Amazon page it looks like it'll be available through Kindle Unlimited, too. So there's that :)

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