Jun 1, 2018

#WritingPrompt: Missing Librarian

Your character is reading inside the public library. They don't normally come to the library but a friend needed your help. One of the part-time librarians stopped showing up for work. The police cannot do anything because it's not illegal for an adult to just...leave, especially, with no suspicious activity. However, your friend thinks otherwise and think someone who comes to the library every day at 11AM knows. Your character is there to ask a few questions....

Who is this person?

Why would they know where the librarian is?

Is this under suspicious circumstances or? 

I've created the prompt. If you take prompt please give credit (use website addy!). The use of this theme in a story is a-okay. If you like these prompts & would like to help out. Can donate here. Money goes toward my surgical costs. 

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