Jul 26, 2018

#RoughJustice #NetGalley

Title: Rough Justice
Author: Kelley Armstrong
Publisher: Subterranean Press
Publish Day: June 30, 2018


This a novella that happens after the series ends. Olivia is on her first Hunt with Ricky. She's anxious about the target of this as for her it doesn't feel right. So, she stops the hunt due to this. This is the only time given to Olivia + Ricky.

As the rest of the story is following her and Gabriel's relationship and the investigation.

Through the investigation they find bigger problems with the guy and it's definitely not what they originally thought.

And, the relationship things Gabriel is experiencing are definitely not what he thought, either.

Overall, it has a good balance of investigation and relationship/family/life drama. We see more investigation in this as it's part of Olivia adjusting to being apart of the Hunt. It's more focused on Olivia and Gabriel's relationship and how they're adjusting to their new life.

Do you have to read the five books that come before this? This novella does have some catch up parts.. so you could read just this. But read the series :O It's fun.

Downloaded through Netgalley thanks to the publisher in exchange for a honest review :D

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