Jul 21, 2018

#Spoonies: New House & Things

Anyway, tl;dr --- I'm now in a disabled-friendly house and haven't been able to leave on my own yet.

more below ...

We've been here a bit over two weeks. We need storage for a lot of what is left hanging out in the moving boxes.

Waldo, our calico cat, is getting adjusted to the new place. She still bolts when she hears anything peculiar or if someone walks into the yard.

I have YET TO LEAVE MY HOUSE FULLY. Not due to illness but because of our gas situation. The week we moved in scheduled to turn it on.

The gas company sends someone who then tells me that he cannot because there is a LEAK.

Inspector eventually shows up to tell us that there needs to be a thermostat on the heating unit in the living room.

So, our landlord Wednesday? comes to remove the heating unit.  Landlord on Friday says we should have received gas that day but..in reality who know? So, we are hoping that someone shows up Monday and sets up the gas.

Since my boyfriend works out in the elements he has to bathe everyday. He's not enjoying the cold showers. Me, I've been bathing every 3-4 days at someone's house.

I still need help with paying for surgery! Please share link

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