Aug 3, 2018

#TheNightDragon #NetGalley

Title: The Night Dragon
Author: Naomi Howarth
Publisher: Frances Lincoln Childrens
Publish Day: August 7, 2018 --!! Soon


“I wish I could fly, and breathe fire, and fill the sky with great grey, sooty clouds,” Maud said to her friend, Mouse.

Maud is picked on by the other dragons, so stays cooped up in her cave, sad and lonely.

But when the chance comes, will her friend Mouse help her pluck up the courage to fly?

 A beautiful picture book about individuality and friendship from Naomi Howarth, whose first book The Crow's Tale was shortlisted for the Waterstones Children's Book Prize.


Downloaded from Netgalley thanks to the publisher / auto-approved publisher... honest review

Super cute and colorful. It's about Maud who is bullied by the other dragons.

Images are from their Amazon page. 

Quote from eARC may not be written exactly when published but loved it: 

"From that day on, Maud & Mouse have journeyed far and wide, filling the skies with colour and helping the sun to set. And though the other dragons still try to cover everything in great grey sooty clouds, Maud and Mouse keep flying.

So next time you see a colourful sunset, you'll know that Maud and Mouse aren't far away."

Very hopeful, written to encourage kids even though those who antagonize aren't possibly going to quit. Feels like a folktale and could possibly fit into that.. or just a good book to have for anti-bullying conversations.

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