Sep 9, 2018

#SundayQuestions: What Book Has Been On Your Shelves the Longest?


Do you mean a physical bookshelf? I only have a bookshelf to hold the elementary leveled books I've purchased from Goodwill. These books will eventually live inside a classroom at an elementary that I've been hired at. Sadly, that hasn't happened yet but I pray it will.

But my books that I read are often digital because I have no room to collect physical books for my own reading.

But my digital book library the longest book is Pride and Prejudice and Zombies in my Nook library. I had a nook tablet when they were popular things to have..My mom purchased one for me after I had bought her one.

I've never finished the zombie book because I just couldn't get into it. The topic should interested me but...nope.

I got this question from this blog:

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