Nov 23, 2018

#GrowGrateful #NetGalley

Title: Grow Grateful
Authors: Sage Foster-Lasser; Jon Lasser
Publisher: American Psychological Associaton
Publish day:  October 15, 2018 - out now!
Genre: Children's nonfiction


Description: Kiko goes on a camping trip with her class and learns about gratitude. Story is based on the "theory of mind" which is the ability to take perspective of others and recognize that each person has their own thoughts, feelings, and perspectives.

Review: Children's nonfiction that focuses on an objective, or moral. The focus is learning about gratitude and understanding other people and how they feel.

In one section, the student becomes nervous from climbing and she notices that her classmate Camille is nervous, too. She recognizes the emotion in someone else and works to comfort her classmate. In another part, Moseah asks about what grateful means and someone defines it directly -- so there is no guessing games a s to what the objective is of this book.

It's colorful and kid-focused students would enjoy listening to this or looking at the pictures.

Downloaded from netgalley in exchange book/free review..

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