Nov 8, 2018

#PleaseDon'tGrabMyP$$y #NetGalley

Title: Please Don't Grab My P $$ y
Author: Julia Young, Matt Harkins
Downloaded from: Netgalley free to read for review

Publish day: November 9, 2018

Rate: 3 /5

Through campy pop culture rhymes and beautiful oil paintings, the narrator of our book guides you though a list of things you CAN grab while offering more poetic ways to refer to a woman’s genitalia than the word “pussy” that Trump so vulgarly used. As the narrator goes on, she lets you know more about her relatives (a reclusive aunt with a lazy eye) and her interests (Justin Bieber’s Instagram) while never losing sight of her mission to make the President as uncomfortable as possible. We think that the President, not to mention men in Hollywood, Wall Street, the news media and beyond, can benefit from reading our book. No matter who you are, or how dumb you are, you’ll be able to understand this book’s simple message: Hands off my pussy!


My initial reaction to this book was comical. I was anticipating something fun and entertaining focusing on a political standpoint. This helped draw me into the book and download it.

I liked the different scenarios brought up with each passage but still one goal – draw attention to not grabbing the ladies' junk. Which as you continue to read you can feel the emotion, the anger toward what our president said.

My favorite part of this was, “You can grab a bus to my Aunt's commune / She'll make you bathe in mud / ask her about her lazy eye / but please don't grab my rosebud”. It feels so random in comparison to the other parts of the poem. There are others that feel oddly inserted but for me this is the most comical one.

The artwork that comes along with the poem are good. They help draw you into each segment of the poem. My favorite is the one where I think it's Mike Pence with horses.

But throughout you feel anger and the frustration of you-know-what situation. It's clearly woven into the poem and the topic is Don't Grab My P*ssy so I mean there's that.

Phrases used to describe p*ssy was hilarious and different. The one didn't like particularly is use of 'don't grab my piss hole”. Unless our urethra is included in the phrase p#$$y and wasn't informed before this. Visually this part it feels more painful the idea of someone yanking on that, y'know?

One's that I liked best: Dildo hotel, wizard's sleeve, and hippo's yawn.

One's that fell flat were – crusty crustacean, piss hole, and front crack – WHAT?!


While everyone is riding on the money train of grievance, annoyance and frustration of having him as president.. I guess. I am an advocate of reading and expressing oneself through art. But this isn't something I'd actively encourage a purchase. Unless you wish to support people who are actively against him then go for it. 

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