Jan 3, 2019

#AroundTheWorldInEveryVehicle #NetGalley

Around the World in Every Vehicle

Written by Amber Stewart

QEB Publishing -- children's nonfiction 

Publish day: September 11, 2018 --- already ready for purchase!

Join the Van Go family as they set out in their little blue camper van on a globetrotting adventure. Join them as they take in the sights on a red bus in London, watch them hail a yellow cab in New York and help them navigate the twisty turns of the Paris metro. Around the World in Every Vehicle is an adventure story perfect for little fans of everything that goes 'vroom'! Follow the Van Gos as they travel in different vehicles throughout their trip and find out how popular modes of transport look in different cities and countries around the world.

My review:

Cute educational read going around the world in different vehicles. Book that is great for kids who are interested in vehicles or travel. .. or both. 

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