Jan 5, 2019

#ClothesReview: Iconic Lux Short Sleeve Dress

I purchased this dress on Amazon over winter break. It was cheap and I had free shipping so went for it. I don't have a lot of professional attire for my new job so .. it was a work buy. Thankfully, it's comfy and casual enough to be not-work clothes, too.

 My Amazon review talks about my height and weight to get a feel of what the dress is like for my height/weight. I started doing more reviews when I noticed that there aren't many heavier women doing reviews about the clothing they purchased -- or at least, with the clothes that I'm looking at they're not.

This was going to be my First Day Back after Winter Break outfit but the temperature has dropped and we have supposed snow/rain/ice on the way..so it'll have to wait.

For me, this dress is the perfect length and weight -- not heavy to where my arms feel tired from wearing it or too tight.

The pockets fit my entire hand. I like that my cellphone fits in the pockets as well. I love having the ability to be hands free as much as possible.

Would I recommend this dress? Yes, yes I would. It's meant to be for spring/summer I'm sure but I prefer layers of clothes that I can peel off when it gets too hot from the heating. There are a variety of colors and design. The clothes only go to a size XL. I usually wear a 2 XL

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