Feb 1, 2019

#TheEndOfAllStories #NetGalley

Title: The End of All Stories
Author: Julia Rosenthal
Publisher:  Less Than Three Press
Publish Day: Jun 27, 2018

On a quest for truths that his books can't provide, Vael leaves the golden spires of his safe home to travel north, to the territories of the tribes there. But he gets far more than he bargains for when he is bound to Kayan, a chieftan's son, in a mating ritual performed by a mysterious priestess.

According to her, it is their destiny to save all of Badal'Shari from a terrible cataclysm. And though Vael has serious doubts about fate, and even more doubts about Kayan, he agrees to embark on a so-called journey to save their world...

My review: Good quality story. This is a first in a series so there will be more! Downloaded freely on Netgalley in exchange for an honest review. Thanks.

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